who they areEdit

each member has their own area which they Robattle in.

Hayden Tenno[1] - leader, and creator of the group, also repairs, fix's and acquires new parts for the team. His area is the construction site and he keeps any Alphabots/Medabots who do not give a good enough challenge.

Arthur Cole - Hayden's right hand guy, and enforcer of their leadership over the city. His area is the field and Shopping centre parking lot.

Brandon Black - The oldest member of the group (Hayden being the second) he is more strategic than most. His area is the Town centre (which gets alot of attention), and the gym.

Jared Sampson - The youngest member to the group, who replaced Conner Watercroft. His area is the forest and the school.

Jake Hunt - As the newest member of the group, and after being beaten in the European championships by Hayden, he feels as though he needs to prove himself to the rest of them, especially Hayden. His area is the playground and the suburbs of the city.

minor membersEdit

Apart from the first 5, there are other members, who basically have AlphaBots made by Hayden Tenno (whom they have paid for these, as a personalised AlphaBot with specific parts is not easy, or cheap, to make).

They are average kids, who Hayden calls on at times to do him a favour. These are some of them and their AlphaBots:-

Lauren Hunter (Brandon's Girlfriend) - ChillieDog

Tom Sutcliffe - Sabertooth

Sam McKenzie - Speed Demon

Jason Lemming - Buzz

and many more...

if you want to be a member, simply make a page, and say your story and your AlphaBot.