Your Betawatch is your communication, and link between you and you AlphaBot.

The Betawatch can transport ammo, parts and you AlphaBot itself (but only when the core is inserted into the Betawatch)

whilst in AlphaBattle, you can give your AlphaBot commands and talk to it (if it is too far away to hear your voice)

Core, Kin and Armour Edit

A AlphaBot is made up of 3 parts;-

-the Kin (the skeleton-like structure)

-the Armour (different parts which can be exchanged, painted etc.)

-the core (this is the AlphaBots soul and personality)

Weapons and ModesEdit

The main thing about every robot or Medabot etc. is battling! and to battle, what does every AlphaBot need? that's right! weapons!

there are many different weapons, but the main ones are guns;-

-blasters (more powerful damaging guns)

-Machine guns (either attached to arms, which is preferred, or held)

-and last, but not least by miles, Missiles! (ranging from RPG's to GRF's)

But weapons aren't the only things needed, and for most AlphaBots, they have something called Action Mode

This is a mode in which a AlphaBot leans down, and transforms into a four legged machine, instead of moving with its arms though, it teleports wheels! when in action mode all guns are upgraded, and do twice as much damage.

But, for some special AlphaBots which were designed by myself[1], there is the option of Demolition mode

This mode supercharges the weapons, strength, speed, defence, and agility, and increases them tenfold! opponents don't stand a chance once you activate this mode, I guarantee it!

(these abilities can also change depending on what you transport from your Betawatch).